All services for all Purposes

Since our inception, we have prioritized detailed care and attention for all repairs and services. Brakes, derailleurs, shocks, stems---we work on all repairs. Leave your bike with us, and you can be sure to find it better than you left it. 

Superior Quality

For the past 30 years, we have confidently provided our community with the very best craftsmanship. Staffed with master technicians, our repair services ensure smooth, safe, and sustained riding. 

Complimentary Tune-Ups

Buying a bike from us is a win-win. Customers not only get a superior-quality bike built by master technicians, they also receive complimentary tune-ups and mechanical service for the next year. We recommend bringing in the bike three times within the first year of purchase---this way, we can ensure continued performance and safety. *Flat Tire Repairs are not included*